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Hello & Welcome to Neon Circus

Founded in 1991, Neon Circus catered primarily for the film, television and music industries, specialising in the creation of sets and set-pieces for the likes of the BBC, ITV and Sony Entertainment. We soon gained a reputation for being able to deliver spectacular designs in unfeasible time-frames; a poisoned chalice that we’re still proud to hold.

Through the ‘90s and into the ‘00s we expanded our client base to include the art world, who have valued our commitment to detail and determination that anything’s possible. We now have trusted and established relationships with dozens of internationally renowned artists, galleries and establishments such as The Tate and The Hayward Gallery.

While we are in love with the beauty and craftsmanship of neon, we’re also engineers and scientists who embrace new technology wherever we can. Over the past decade we’ve invested in the research, infrastructure and workforce to keep the company at the cutting edge of fabrication. We now have in-house capabilities to offer: 3D design, visualisation and printing; Programming and bespoke interactive computer systems; Customised LED lighting and control systems; Kinetic sculpture manufacture and general fabrication.

Our technical capabilities and appreciation of the dramatic have opened up the architectural feature lighting market to us, which we now consider to be a core element of our business. While we do have our own product-line of LED lumieres, our experience has taught us that high-quality bespoke can rarely be matched by off-the-shelf. We approach each project with an open mind and would rather create an entirely new light fixture than shoe-horn an existing product into an unsuitable situation.

We’re proud to say over 90% of our business is either from return clients or by recommendation.


Specialising in the design and fabrication of artwork, bespoke led lighting and high-end marketing displays