T: 01799 598080

To order a neon hire sign, please call on 01799 598080
Click on a sign to view full details. All prices are based on 1 week's hire and exclude VAT and delivery. Discounts are availble for hire of 3 or more signs, or for long rental periods - please call our office for more information.
Signs made to your specification are also available for purchase - please contact us for more details.

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neon hire sign open 24 hours
ice cream neon hire sign
bang bang gun flashing neon sign
neon symbol hire sign
neon symbol hire sign
blue neon symbol
red circle neon sign
live show neon hire sign
live show neon sign
sol beer neon sign
neon sign for hire
red neon take away hire sign
laughter and applause switchable lightbox
pink neon cafe hire sign
cocktails neon sign to hire
palms and sunset neon sign for hire
red flashing neon arrows
cocktails neon sign with cocktail glass
core club neon sign to hire
fish & chips neon hire sign
bar sign white neon script
blue neon bar sign
red neon coca cola hire sign
red neon curved arrow
beauty neon sign
red neon cocktails hrie sign
neon pizza sign for hire
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