T: 01799 598080

To order a neon hire sign, please call on 01799 598080
Click on a sign to view full details. All prices are based on 1 week's hire and exclude VAT and delivery. Discounts are availble for hire of 3 or more signs, or for long rental periods - please call our office for more information.
Signs made to your specification are also available for purchase - please contact us for more details.

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sixties disco squares neon sign
electric shock neon sign
twigs pink neon sign for hire
electric shock neon sign
water abstract neon sign
chinese symbols neon hire sign
red neon cafe sign for hire
bistro sign in blue & white neon
pink show bar neon sign
all nite pizza neon hire sign
121 club neon sign
neon flowerssign to rent
sex neon hire sign
ice ceram cone neon sign
elvis neon hire sign
star in circle neon sign for hire
neon bar sign with cocktail glass
green music note neon
christmas holly neon sign
lilac enon squiggle hire sign
green neon music note sign
neon treble clef
zigzag red neon hire sign
curved arrow neon
neon cactus hire sign
the metro cafe neon hire sign
happy new year neon sign for hire
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